Installment Agreement

What is an Installment Agreement?

If you cannot pay your tax bill in full, there are many different types of installment agreements available to you. All of them have their own benefits. The IRS allows you to break down your debt into monthly installments if you are unable to pay the amount owed to the IRS in full in less than 120 days. This allows you to pay down your tax debt while avoiding wage garnishment, levies and collections. Your account will still accrue penalties and interest, but they will be assessed against a smaller amount as you pay down the debt. In addition, paying against your tax debt will demonstrate your “good faith” to the IRS.

Installment Agreement
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How Does the IRS Decide How Much My Monthly Payment Will Be?

The IRS gives you the option to decide how much your minimum monthly payment will be based on what you can afford; however, they will encourage you to pay as much as possible to avoid additional penalties and fees. If you offer too low of an amount or you do not tell the IRS what you would like your minimum payment to be, the IRS will divide what you owe into 72 monthly payment installments.

Guaranteed IRS Installment Agreement

If you meet certain IRS criteria, you or your business may be guaranteed eligibility for an installment plan. The best part of a Guaranteed Installment Agreement is that the IRS does not require you to complete a financial statement or verification.

You may be eligible for a guaranteed installment agreement if:

Streamlined Installment Agreement

A Streamlined Installment Agreement is best for you if you owe $50,000 in tax debt or less and do not qualify for a Guaranteed Installment Agreement. This type of plan typically does not require you to complete financial statements and verification.

You may be eligible for a Streamlined Installment Agreement if:

In-Business Trust Fund Installment Agreement

This installment agreement is best for a small business that owes $25,000 or less in tax debt. You must be able to pay off this installment plan within two years. This type of agreement does not typically require you to submit financial verification and statements.


Requirements are:

Next Step

There are many types of installment agreements and all of them come with fees and criteria native to the specific type of agreement. It is best to seek the help of a tax professional to decide which agreement is the best fit for your financial situation and to better understand the fees and requirements necessary to apply. Give us a call today for assistance in taking the next step in deciding which agreement is best for you and your business.


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