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Tax Problems Resolution

Regardless of how you find yourself in the middle of a tax predicament, there is no denying that tax problems create unnecessary pressure on you and/ or your business, resulting in an unproductive environment. Tax Problems Resolution is using all programs, tax codes, and taxpayer rights, to manage, reduce and / or eliminate tax debt. We at Bullseye Tax Relief are tax professionals that can resolve tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS.

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3

We Analyze

Learn about the situation and identify alternatives accordingly.

Then Give Advice

Guide you on the best course of action.

Finally Act

Put the plan into action with your approval.


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3 Reasons Why

You Should Choose Us

Unlike other tax firms that service ALL tax problems, we focus fully on the unique needs of your business. We do not believe that “one firm can fix all” tax problems. Instead, we are fully dedicated to helping each business with its own tier payroll and income tax issues with tailored-made business practices and tax problems resolutions.


Dedicated and


Experienced and



The staff at Bullseye Tax Relief is both experienced and trained in business payroll and tax issues. We continue educating ourselves and updating our knowledge regarding business taxes and tax problems resolutions that may impact your business.

Our use of automation and technology does not diminish our use of personal attention and intelligence for each case we process. Unlike other firms who emphasize one method over another, we give each case the personal attention that it deserves.

Balancing Automation and

Personal Attention



Tax Problems


Sometimes just a simple and innocent mistake can result in a Notice from the IRS. Bullseye Tax Relief’s professionals use tax problems resolutions to aid all clients. Tax Problems Resolution is using all programs, tax codes, and taxpayer rights, to manage, reduce and / or eliminate tax debt. 

Tax Problem Resolution

Most Tax Problems Can Be

chaotic and overwhelming

Tax problems can be some of the most overwhelming issues you may encounter in your lifetime. They tend to be messy and overwhelming with many complex words and numbers to sort through and comprehend. Calculating penalties and interest charges add to the stress as does numbers not adding up. On top of that, there are requests, deadlines, audits and appearances. These alone can negatively impact your personal life and your business. Add to those woes, wage garnishments, liens and other measures that have the potential of ruining your life and your business. Suffice it to say, tax problems can bring utter chaos to your life!

We Bring Order To Chaos


We bring order

to chaos

We use best practices and processes for all aspects of your situation so we can fairly and properly assess your tax problem. Then we devise the best solution, approach and plan of action to resolve your tax issue using every tax problems resolution possible.

What exactly is tax problems resolution?

For one thing, it is not about getting away from your tax obligations, but it is about giving you a chance to meet them instead. Tax problems resolution gives businesses a chance to fix their existing tax problems and to return to a healthy financial status and a more peaceful life. This can be done by using a number of different strategies and approaches based on rules, laws and programs available to you through the different tax authorities. Click to learn more about these different strategies.

why should you trust us with your tax issues?

Our Approach to

fixing tax problems

Our Approach

Tax problems resolution is an art and science that requires attention to details, thorough analysis, and a complete understanding of your unique situation.



Underneath all the paperwork, tax returns, forms, letters, phone calls and meetings that are needed to resolve your case, there needs to be a strong foundation of a successful strategy and a comprehensive plan to execute this strategy.



Furthermore, we take you and your situation very seriously and we promise to devise the best course of action for your situation.

By partnering with us to  help you with your tax problems, we take that burden off of your shoulders so you are free to pursue what you do best: taking care of your family and running your business.



Some firms make a profit using  questionable business practices for tax problems resolution without truly understanding the need of their clients. We are not like that! Instead, we take a very conservative and thoughtful approach to solving your tax problems in order to avoid charging you for unnecessary services. We carefully study your case, your current and projected tax and financial positions and discuss all the available options with you. Then, we set up regular communication points with you ahead of time, so that you never have to chase us for a status update.

Our Promise



We are committed to solving your tax problems as quickly as possible, and with as few interruptions to your life and business as possible. We guarantee that we will not do any unnecessary work and you will not pay for any unnecessary services…ever!

Pay for work done,

not for promises

Unlike other firms that charge you for anticipated work and wait until you are all paid off before they start working on your case, we offer various fee and payment options that allow us to start working on your case immediately. You pay for work, not for promises. See our payment options to learn more.

Pay For Work Done



We help businesses with tax issues. Many tax problems resolution firms do not distinguish between the goals and needs of individual and business clients, sometimes resulting in the wrong course of action. At Bullseye Tax Relief, we know the difference, and do not treat any two individuals or businesses alike. We do not offer cookie cutter solutions, but instead take our time to listen and understand your pain, needs and goals and cater to your own situation.


Income Tax Issues


All types of legal entities (C, S Corp, LLC, etc)
Married or Single
Any level of income
Income Tax
Employment Tax

Income tax issues can be devastating to many clients. Yet, even more devastating are issues related to Employment tax which may have consequences not only on the business but the officers and owners of the business. This creates a downward spiral effect. Understanding your unique situation and the real alternatives you have to resolve it requires a careful and detailed process; one that we created and are committed to. We follow a strict process to ensure that we never miss an important piece of information, a date or an action required to resolve your situation.




What are the tax issues you are dealing with exactly?


Why do I have these issues and how can I deal with them?


Who are the main players from the tax authority and the tax payer sides?


How can I resolve and manage this issue using the best course of action?


Where do we need to go for interviews with revenue officers, appeal hearings and others?


When are the important due dates, deadlines, and events to execute the plan?

Pathway to Freedom

Freedom Roadmap

You Upload the latest letter/ notice you received from the IRS
Tell us how to
contact you
We will tell you how we can help you after reviewing your case
You sign our
We obtain a power
of attorney from you
We obtain tax transcripts from the IRS
Then we analyze
your case
We advise you on the best
course of action
Finally, we take action
on your behalf



We Offer

TAX resolutions SERVICES

The IRS has different programs and options that we can utilize to resolve your tax issue(s). After analyzing your situation, we use one or more of these strategies and tools to improve your tax situation.

Our Services

Tax Problems Resolution Options

Offer In Compromise

Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the amount you owe. Offer in Compromise was created for those in tax debt that could not pay off their debt in full without experiencing financial hardship in doing so. Learn more.

Currently Non-Collectible

If you agree that you owe money to the IRS but your financial situation makes it impossible to pay what you owe without causing financial hardship, you may qualify for a Currently Non-Collectible status. Learn more.

Penalty Abatement

Penalty Abatement relieves you from facing penalties for failing to file tax returns or make payments on time or failure to deposit payment taxes. Learn more.

Installment Agreement

If you cannot pay your tax bill in full, there are many different types of installment agreements.  All of them have their own benefits. The IRS allows you to break down your debt into monthly installments. Learn more.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement

The IRS may agree to allow you to pay only a portion of your debt over an allotted amount of time. In this situation, you are paying an amount less than the original tax debt amount. Learn more.

A tax lien affects your financial assets, personal property and your real estate property. Tax liens can vary based upon your individual situation. They are the government’s way of protecting their interest. Learn more.

Tax Lien Discharge

Federal Tax Lien Removal

A tax lien discharge removes your tax lien from a specific property. If you request a tax lien discharge and the IRS accepts your request, they will give you a Certificate of Discharge. Learn more.

Tax Lien Subordination

Tax lien subordination gives a creditor the opportunity to move ahead of the IRS in their claims against a property. Doing so may be necessary for real estate transactions such as a mortgage refinance. Learn more.

Tax Lien Withdrawal

You may be eligible for a Tax lien withdrawal if you have entered into a direct debit installment agreement or have come to some sort of an agreement regarding your tax debt with the IRS. Learn more.

Wage Garnishment Release

The IRS can obtain a wage garnishment against your wages and earnings through your employer to satisfy a tax debt. When you obtain a wage garnishment release, the IRS agrees not to take your wages to satisfy your tax obligation. Learn more.

Bank Levy Release

A bank levy gives the IRS the ability to freeze your bank account and collect whatever money you have in that bank account to pay towards your tax debt. A Bank levy release will release your bank account so the IRS does not seize any more funds. Learn more.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief relieves you from paying any penalties, interest or taxes for which your spouse is ultimately responsible for. Learn more.

Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitation is the time period established by law for the IRS to assess, review and resolve any tax related issue. Once the time period passes, the IRS forfeits any claim. How can the statute of limitations impact your tax debt situation? Learn more.

Collection Appeal

A Collection Appeal allows the taxpayer to challenge the IRS’ actions for the collection of past taxes, including the placement of liens on the taxpayer’s properties. In many cases, this challenge will stop or reverse any collection processes and relieves you of any collection actions. Learn more

Administrative Appeal

An administrative appeal allows you a second chance to reverse or stop an IRS’ decision or action that is unfair or incorrect. This may lead to a more favorable outcome for your tax situation. Learn more.

Trust Fund Recovery

Employers are expected to pay federal and state taxes for and on behalf of their employees. This are referred to as “payroll taxes”. When these taxes are not paid, there are severe penalties and interest due in addition to the original amount owed. Employment tax resolution can help avoid or deal with these collection processes.   Learn more.

The term “Trust Fund” has a different meaning when applied to employment tax rather than to wealth management. This is the payroll tax amount assessed to the officers of the business for failure to pay employment taxes properly . Tax resolution can help reduce and/or arrange the payment of these taxes.  Learn more.

Employment Tax Debt Resolution

Trust Fund Penalty Assessment Help

A Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is implemented by the IRS to encourage business owners to pay their employment taxes. When someone owns a small business and they fall on hard times, they may feel tempted to tap into the tax funds that they collected from their employees to stay afloat. This action has dire consequences. Learn more.

Trust Fund Penalty Assessment Interview

A Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Interview and investigation permits the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to collect unpaid taxes from businesses and assets of the individuals involved in the finances of the business. Learn more.

Current Due Process

A Collection Due Process hearing could be your last chance to resolve whatever tax controversy you have with the IRS. Learn more.

More on Tax Problems Resolution


We prepare tax returns for self-employed individuals and businesses, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations (C and S), Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships. The preparation of never filed or corrected (amended) tax returns is also an essential part of successful tax resolution process.

Prepare overdue tax returns

All late and unfiled tax returns must be submitted to the IRS before they will allow any participation in programs allowed by the tax authorities that deal with tax problems and their resolution. We can prepare your late returns or you or your tax professional can prepare them, but they must be completed before any discussion takes place with the IRS. 

File returns

Tax returns must be filed in compliance with IRS requirements for tax resloution options.

Reassess balances due after filing late returns

Tax authorities often assess larger tax liabilities on the years with late tax returns since the amounts now include penalties and interest


How service is delivered

We use a communication style that matches your preferences and lifestyle.



In Person

Although meeting face-to-face is preferred by most people, it is no longer necessary since we use advanced technologies, such as our secure portal, video tools, online signature, voice tools, and much more.


Regardless of the method used to conduct meetings and interviews, we follow the same efficient and effective process. You will always feel that you have received a complete and satisfactory service.




Thorough Analysis

We will not rush to analyze or resolve a case.

Secure Process

The security of our clients’ data is as important to us as it is to our clients.

Frequent Update

We have a steady and predefined communication plan that will keep you informed and satisfied.

Clear Instructions

We provide you with very clear directions and instructions of all the steps YOU must take.

Fair Fees

You will never be overcharged. Furthermore, we will not add unnecessary work. In addition, we will be very accurate calculating the fees for your case.

Easy Payments

We make every effort to provide you with different payment options.

Contact us as soon as you can

Our consultation is FREE. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work for you.

WE OFFER a variety of payment options that will fit your financial situation


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