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    Tax Problem


    Regardless of how you find yourself in the middle of a tax predicament, there is no denying that tax problems create unnecessary pressure on you and/ or your business, thus they are conducive to an unproductive environment. Tax Problem Resolution is using all programs, tax codes, and tax payer rights, to manage, reduce or eliminate tax debt. 

    Tax Problem Resolution

    Tax problems can be chaotic and overwhelming

    Tax problems can be some of the most overwhelming issues you have to deal with. They tend to be messy, way too many letters and numbers to sort through and make sense of. Trying to figure out how certain penalties and interest charges came about. Things not adding up. Requests, deadlines, Audits and appearances. The threat of negative impact on your personal life and/or your business. Wage garnishment, liens and other measures that have the potential of ruining your life and/or your business. It’s safe to say it’s Chaos

    We Bring Order To Chaos


    We bring order

    to chaos

    We use best practices and processes to bring order and organization to all aspects of your situation so we can fairly assess your tax problem and devise the best solution, approach and plan of action to resolve your tax issue using tax problem resolution.

    What is tax problem resolution?

    It’s not about getting away with your tax obligations, it’s about giving you a chance to meet them. Tax problem resolution gives individuals and businesses a chance to fix their existing tax problems and to return to a healthy financial status and a more peaceful life. This can be done by using a number of different strategies and approaches based on rules, laws and programs available to you through the different tax authorities.Learn more about these different strategies.

    why should you trust us with your tax issues

    Our Approach to

    fixing tax problems

    Our Approach

    Tax problem resolution is a science and art that requires attention to details, through analysis, and a complete understanding of your unique situation.

    Underneath all the paperwork, tax returns, forms, letters and phone calls that are needed to resolve your case, there needs to be a strong foundation of a successful strategy and a comprehensive plan to execute this strategy. 


    We take you and your situation very seriously and we promise to devise the best course of action for your situation. 

    When you partner with us to help you with your tax problems, we will take that burden off of your shoulders so you can go back to doing what you do best: taking care of your family and running your business. Unlike many firms that make a profitable but questionable business out of tax problem resolution without truly understanding the need of their clients, we take a very conservative and thoughtful approach to solving your tax problems in order to avoid charging you for unnecessary services. We carefully study your case, your current and projected tax and financial positions and discuss all the available options with you. We set up regular communication points with you ahead of time, so that you never have to chase us for a status update.

    Our Promise



    We are committed to solving your tax problems as quickly as possible, and with as few interruptions to your life and business as possible. We guarantee that we will not do any unnecessary work and you will not pay for any unnecessary services…ever!

    Pay for work done,

    not for promises

    Unlike other firms that charge you for anticipated work and wait until you are all paid off before they start working on your case, we offer various fee and payment options that allow us to start working on your case immediately. You pay for work, not for promises. See our payment options to learn more.

    Pay For Work Done

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    We help individuals and businesses with tax issues. Many tax problem resolution firms do not distinguish between the goals and needs of individual and business clients, and as a result may take the wrong course of action. We know the difference, and do not treat any two individuals or business alike, and we do not offer cookie cutter solutions, instead we take our time to listen and understand your pain, needs and goals and cater to your situation.


    Income Tax Issues


    All types of legal entities (C, S Corp, LLC, etc)
    Married or Single
    Any level of income
    Income Tax
    Employment Tax
    Individuals Chart
    Businesses Chart
    Income tax issues can be devastating to many clients, and even more so issues related to Employment tax may have consequences on the business as well as the officers and owners of the business, thus creating a downward spiral effect, that needs to be stopped. Understanding your unique situation and the real alternatives you have to resolve it require a careful and detailed process, one that we created and are committed to. We follow a strict process to ensure that we never miss an important piece of information, a date or an action required to resolve your situation.




    What is tax issues you are
    dealing with exactly


    What caused the issue and
    how to stop its root cause(s)


    Who are the main players from the tax
    authority side and from the tax payer side


    What is the best course of action to manage and reslove the issue


    Where do we need to be for interviews with revenue officers, appeal hearings and more


    When are the important due dates and deadlines, and events to execute the plan 


    What is tax issues you are
    dealing with exactly


    What caused the issue and
    how to stop its root cause(s)


    Who are main players from the tax
    authority side and from the tax payer side


    What is the best course of action to manage and reslove the issue


    where do we need to be, such as Interviews with Revenue Officers, appeal hearings and more


    Important due dates and deadlines and creating a timeline to execute the resloution plan


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    Our Services

    TAX resolution SERVICES

    The IRS has different programs and options that we can utilize to resolve your tax issue. After analyzing your situation, we use one or more of these strategies and tools to improve your tax situation.

    Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the amount you owe. Offer in Compromise was created for those in tax debt that could not pay off their debt in full without experiencing financial hardship from doing so. Learn more.

    If you agree that you owe money to the IRS but your financial situation makes it impossible to do so without causing financial hardship you may qualify for a Currently Non-Collectible status. Learn more.

    Penalty Abatement relieves you from facing penalties from failing to file taxes or make payments on time as an individual or failure to deposit certain taxes as a business. Learn more.

    If you can’t pay your tax bill in full, there are many different types of installment agreements, all of which have their own benefits, where the IRS allows you to break down that debt into monthly installments. Learn more.

    IRS agrees to allow you to pay only a portion of your debt over the allotted amount of time the IRS gives you. In this situation, you are paying an amount less than the original tax debt amount. Learn more.

    A tax lien affects your financial assets, personal property and your real estate. Tax liens can vary based on your individual situation and are the government’s way of protecting their interest in the case that you fail to pay your tax debt in a timely manner. Learn more.

    A tax lien discharge removes your tax lien from a specific property. If you request a tax lien discharge and the IRS accepts your request, they will give you a Certificate of Discharge. Learn more.

    Tax lien subordination gives a creditor the opportunity to move ahead of the IRS in their claims against a property. Doing so may be necessary for real estate transactions such as a mortgage refinance. Learn more.

    You maybe eligible for a Tax lien withdrawal if you have entered into a direct debit installment agreement or have come to some sort of an agreement regarding your tax debt. Learn more.

    Wage garnishment is a way the IRS can obtain your wages and earnings through your employer to satisfy a tax debt. When you obtain a wage garnishment release, the IRS agrees to not take any part of your wages to satisfy your tax obligation. Learn more.

    A bank levy gives the IRS the ability to freeze your bank account and collect whatever money you have in the bank account to pay towards your tax debt. A Bank levy release will do just that, releasing your bank account so the IRS does not seize funds. Learn more.

    Innocent Spouse Relief relieves you from paying any penalties, interest or taxes when your spouse is ultimately the one responsible for the tax debt. Learn more.

    The statute of limitation is the time period established by law for the IRS to assess, review and resolve any tax related issue. Once the time period passes, the IRS is no has a claim. How can the statute of limitations impact your tax debt situation? Learn more.

    When the IRS is in the process of collecting past due taxes from you, including the placement of liens on your property, a Collection Appeal allows you, the taxpayer, to challenge the IRS’s action for collection and in many cases, either put a pause on their ability to collect or reverse the collection process and relieves you of any collection actions taken against you. Learn more.

    If the IRS’s decision or action taken is unfair or incorrect, an administrative appeal will allow you to have a second chance to appeal the decision or action, which may lead to a more favorable outcome for your tax situation. Learn more.

    Employers are expected to pay federal, and state taxes for and on behalf of their employees, referred to as “payroll tax”. When these taxes are not paid, a series of collection steps are enforced, with some devastating results at times. Tax resolution can help avoid or deal with these collection activities.   Learn more.

    A Trust Fund in terms of employment tax should not be mistaken with a trust fund in terms of wealth management. This is the payroll tax amount assessed to the officers of the business. Tax resolution can help reduce and or arrange the payment of these taxes.  Learn more.

    A Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is implemented by the IRS to encourage business owners to pay their employment taxes. When someone owns a small business and they fall on hard times, they may feel tempted to tap into the tax funds that they collected from their employees to stay afloat. Learn more.

    A trust fund recovery penalty interview and investigation permits the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to collect unpaid taxes from businesses and assets of the individuals involved in the finances of the business. Learn more.

    A Collection Due Process hearing could be your last chance to resolve whatever tax controversy you have with the IRS. Learn more.


    Preparing tax returns for individuals, and businesses including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations (C and S), Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorship. The preparation of unfilled, or correction (amending) of tax return is an essential part of successful tax resolution.

    Prepare overdue tax returns

    In order to participate in programs allowed by tax authorities to deal with tax problems, all late and unfilled returns must be completed and filled prior to any discussion.  Whether we prepare your late returns or have them prepared by you or your tax professional, we will need to have them submitted

    File returns

    File returns to be in compliance which is an IRS requirement to take advantage of tax resloution options

    Reassess balances due after filing late returns

    Tax authorities often assess larger tax liabilities on the years with late tax returns, which can turn out to be lower

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    Regardless of the method we use to conduct meetings and interviews, we follow the same efficient and effective process, and you will feel that you have received a complete and satisfactory service.

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