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We offer a variety of services to our clients. Tax preparation and tax problem resolutions are our mainstays. If you are in need of such services, please contact us. Moreover, you will receive professional service every step of the way. We have resolved many IRS issues for our clients. That is just one of our services. Explore our other services below.

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Tax professionals can use a variety of tools to resolve most tax issues. The following list does not include every option, but it is an overview. These tools can be used alone or in combination with one another.

Employment Tax

Employment Tax

Employers are expected to pay federal and state taxes for and on behalf of their employees. These are referred to as “payroll taxes”. However, there are severe penalties and interest when these taxes are not paid. In addition, the original amount is still owed.

Trust Fund Penalty

The term “Trust Fund” does not refer to wealth management here, but to employment tax. In other words, this is the payroll tax amount assessed to the officers of the business.

Trust Fund Penalty Assessment

The IRS imposes a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty to encourage business owners to pay their employment taxes. Sadly, an employer experiencing hard times may be tempted to utilize these funds for other expenses. However, this action has dire consequences.

Offer In Compromise

Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the amount you owe. Moreover, this tool was created for those in tax debt that could not pay off their debt in full without experiencing financial hardship in doing so.

Collection Due Process

A Collection Due Process hearing could be your last chance to resolve whatever tax controversy you have with the IRS.

Penalty Abatement

Penalty Abatement relieves you from facing penalties for failing to file tax returns or make payments on time as an individual or failure to deposit certain taxes as a business.

Trust Fund Penalty Assessment Interview

A Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Interview and investigation permits the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to collect unpaid taxes from businesses and assets of the individuals involved in the finances of the business.

Currently Non-Collectible

If you agree that you owe money to the IRS but your financial situation makes it impossible to pay what you owe without causing financial hardship, you may qualify for a Currently Non-Collectible status.

Installment Agreement

If you cannot pay your tax bill in full, there are many different types of installment agreements. However, each of them have their own benefits. Moreover, the IRS allows you to break down your debt into monthly installments.

Tax Lien Withdrawal

Tax Lien Withdrawal

You may be eligible for a Tax lien withdrawal if you have entered into a direct debit installment agreement or have come to some sort of an agreement regarding your tax debt with the IRS.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement

The IRS may agree to allow you to pay only a portion of your debt over an allotted amount of time. In this situation, you are paying an amount less than the original tax debt amount.

Federal Tax Lien

A tax lien affects your financial assets, personal property and your real estate property. Moreover, tax liens can vary based upon your individual situation.

Wage Garnishment Release

The IRS can obtain a wage garnishment against your wages and earnings through your employer to satisfy a tax debt. So, when you obtain a wage garnishment release, the IRS agrees not to take any part of your wages to satisfy your tax obligation.

Tax Lien Subordination

Tax Lien Subordination

Tax lien subordination gives a creditor the opportunity to move ahead of the IRS in their claims against a property. Do so may be necessary for real estate transactions such as a mortgage refinance.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief relieves you from paying any penalties, interest or taxes for which your spouse is ultimately responsible for.

Tax Lien Discharge

Tax Lien Discharge

A tax lien discharge removes your tax lien from a specific property. If you request a tax lien discharge and the IRS accepts your request, they will give you a Certificate of Discharge.

Bank Levy Release

Bank levies give the IRS the ability to freeze your bank account. Then, it can collect whatever money you have in that bank account to pay your tax debt.

Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitation is the time period established by law for the IRS to assess, review and resolve any tax related issue. Once the time period passes, the IRS forfeits any claim.

Administrative Appeal

An administrative appeal allows you a second chance to reverse or stop an IRS’s decision or action that is unfair or incorrect. However, this may lead to a more favorable outcome for your tax situation.

Collection Appeal

A Collection Appeal allows the taxpayer to challenge the IRS’s actions for the collection of past taxes, including the placement of liens on the taxpayer’s properties.



Business income and payroll taxes are more complicated than individual income taxes. Unless the individual is self-employed.  Besides, preparing taxes can be time-consuming and complicated. Moreover, tax professionals are trained and experienced to get the best results. Lastly, business owners should be focused on creating business and profits. Although paying taxes is a must, someone can do them. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Individual Income Tax

Individual Income Tax

Individuals earning income in the United States pay a percentage of their earnings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the form of individual income taxes.

Business Income Tax

Business Income Tax

Every business except partnerships must file an annual income tax return, whether they are a small business, sole proprietor or large corporation.

Business Payroll Tax

Business Payroll Tax

All employers must report and deposit employment taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) throughout the year. 

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