Stimulus Check

All About The Stimulus Check

  • All American Citizens and legal residents who filled a 2018 or 2019 tax return.
  • They receive the money automatically without having to register or apply to anything
  • So far 130 million Americans have received a check

How Much Money Will One Get?

Criteria Stimulus Amount Income level limitations Basis of the payment How would you receive the payment
Single person making $75K or less $1,200 Amount is reduced above $75 and phases out at $99k 2019 Adjusted gross income (Line 8b. on form 1040 on personal return). You will receive the money directly in your bank account with the IRS.
Married couple making $150K or less $2,400 Amount is reduced above $150K and phases out at $198K 2018 Return if you have not filed 2019. If the IRS does not have your account info, call the number on the notice you will receive from the IRS
Each child under 17-year-old $500 Make sure you have one of these 2 returns filed.

Where Will The IRS Get One’s Information?

  • This is automatic
  • From the information they have for you on the 2019 or the 2018 tax return. If you did not do the 2019 return, they will use your 2018.
  • If you did not receive your check, you will be given a credit for the amount due to you on the tax return.
  • Please remember that you technically do NOT have to do anything to get your money, but if so far you have not been able to receive the check, it would be a good idea to check the status online

Do people need to apply to receive money?

  • Have your 2019 or 2018 return ready
  • You will need your Adjusted Gross Income which is the number on line 7 for 2018 or 8b for 2019 in most returns

Line 8b on Form 1040 (for tax year 2019)

Line 8b on Form 1040-SR (for tax year 2019)

Line 7 on Form 1040 (for tax year 2018)

Line 21 on Form 1040A (for tax years before 2018)

Line 4 on Form 1040EZ (for tax years before 2018)

Line 35 on Form 1040NR

How Will I Receive The Money?

  • As we said before, at this point the IRS will only process checks for the refund, so keep looking for your check in the mail or check your status online.
  • If you used a bank account in the past, you will get your refund using that same bank account
  • If the account changed since last return you filed, expect to receive a check in the mail
  • If you have not received your money yet, either by check or in your bank account, you can go to the get-my-payment page, enter the information and check the status of your check

When Will I Receive the Money?

Can Money be Taken From My Check?

  • What does that mean? If you mean can it be garnished for prior tax debt, the answer is no
  • The amount you receive as we discussed before, is impacted by your income, and that’s what impacts the amount of your check
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