Payroll Tax Due Dates: January

In our recent blog posts, we’ve been discussing payroll taxes. In our first post in the series, Tax Resolution for Businesses: Payroll Tax, we covered the basics, answering questions like what are payroll taxes and when do you have to deposit payroll taxes? In the next two posts, we dove deeper into the specifics regarding payroll tax reporting, with our most recent post, Tax Resolution for Businesses: Payroll Tax Special Reporting, discussing some of the special payroll tax reporting circumstances. If you haven’t read them yet, we’d recommend checking them out before continuing with this post.

Today, and in the next few upcoming articles, we’ll discuss the different payroll tax due dates. Each of the first four months of the year have certain required payroll tax deposits or filings. So we’ll break it down month by month so business owner’s everywhere have a resource they can visit during tax season to keep them up-to-date on their payroll tax requirements. And if you didn’t know, it’s tax season right now! So bookmark this page, we’ll have more payroll tax-related posts coming up.

Payroll Tax Due Dates: January

As of January 22nd, 2021, according to the IRS Page Employment Tax Due Dates, the following forms are required to be filed as of January 31st each year:

As you can see, the last bullet is specific to employer’s in the agricultural industry, so if that doesn’t apply to your business, you can disregard it. The list of required filings by January 31st on the  IRS Page Employment Tax Due Dates continues, with the next one you’ll read clarifying how to report withheld federal income tax:

If your business employs multiple types of employees, like a mix of 1099s, W-2s or agricultural workers, keeping track of the paperwork to file and the proper amount of payroll taxes to withhold, report and deposit can become a bit complicated over time.

That’s why we always recommend working with an experienced tax resolution specialist, like the ones on the Bullseye Tax Relief team, if you ever have any issues with payroll taxes, IRS paperwork or tax debt. 

Bullseye Tax Relief offers a free initial consultation and transcript analysis to any new clients, so it’s truly risk-free to see what your tax resolution options are. Call us today at (844) 582-3323.


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