Tax Problem Resolution Specialists, Bullseye Tax Relief, Launch New Webpages

bullseye tax relief

Bullseye Tax Relief, located in Northridge, CA, but offering their IRS tax resolutions services nationwide, has announced several new web pages on their site. These new web pages cover topics like IRS Tax Problem Resolution, Payroll Tax Debt Relief and IRS Offer in Compromise. Visiting these web pages can give readers more insight into their potential options when it comes to tax resolution, payroll tax relief and offer in compromise to help pay off tax debt and reclaim their financial freedom.

“Many people aren’t aware of all of the options and services available to them to help them with payroll tax relief or tax resolution,” Maximos Behnan, the CEO of Bullseye Tax Relief, said. “There are plenty of ways we can help people with their tax debt. We wanted to create these new web pages so people know that there is hope and there is a place where they can go for trustworthy information. Most of all, we want people to know that they can do something about their tax debt and we’re here to help.”

Tax problem resolution and IRS tax resolution services are relevant to millions of Americans. That’s why the Tax Problem Resolution page on Bullseye Tax Relief discusses all of the major options people have when it comes to any IRS problem resolution needs. Some of the most common services are Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement and Installment Agreements, but there are so many more options and services available depending on the specifics of the situation. Visit the page to learn more about which IRS tax resolution services are best for you.

Offer in Compromise, also known as IRS Offer in Compromise or Tax Offer in Compromise, is a tax resolution service specifically for those who are unable to pay off their tax debt without experiencing financial hardship. With the help of tax problem resolution specialists like Bullseye Tax Relief, the total amount of debt owed can be negotiated with the IRS to reduce it to a much smaller amount. Interested readers can visit the Offer in Compromise page to learn more about the qualifications and process.

The last of the new web page additions is the Bullseye Tax Relief page about Payroll Tax Debt Relief, which can be viewed by clicking the link included in this sentence. On this page, readers can learn more about payroll tax, like what it is, and what the components are. The page also goes into more detail about payroll tax relief and the options and process involved with resolving any payroll tax issues.

To view more information about IRS tax resolution services, simply visit the Bullseye Tax Relief website at For a consultation or appointment, Bullseye Tax Relief can be reached by email at or by phone at (844) 582-3323. Bullseye Tax Relief is located at 16933 Parthenia St #202, Northridge, CA 91343 and open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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