Rush Tax Relief – When do you need it?

rush tax relief

Certain situations can necessitate Rush Tax Relief Solutions. Whether it’s a recently received letter or notice from the IRS, or they’ve begun collection activities, like placing a lien on your home, it’s important to be aware of when you need rush tax relief and when you can move forward with standard tax resolution services without immediate urgency.

In our previous blog post, Rush Tax Resolution Services – What are they?, we discussed what rush tax relief solutions are and how you know you can trust a tax resolution company. In the post, we compared rush tax relief solutions to standard tax relief solutions by likening them to an emergency room and your general practitioner, respectively. If you have a tax relief issue that requires urgent attention, you may need ‘emergency assistance’ to avoid a bigger problem in the future. The IRS is not afraid to wield penalties, fines and fees for things like late payments, incorrect payment amounts or payments that have been missed entirely. These mistakes can increase the total amount owed to the IRS over time, making it even more difficult to find the tax relief for you or your business that you need. 

There are also situations like the Collection Due Process Hearing, which needs to be requested within 30 days of receiving an LT11 or L-1058. In our recent article, What is Collection Due Process?, we go into further detail about the LT11, the L-1058 and the Collection Due Process Hearing, which is your chance to argue your case in front of the IRS and dispute the amount owed to them. To learn more about the Collection Due Process Hearing, see our previous blog post.

Rush Tax Relief – Where to start?

Sometimes it can be difficult to seek out help when you’re in trouble. And in many scenarios in life, seeking outside help can even cost money just to assess the situation. This can make it difficult to get motivated to move forward. That’s why the team at Bullseye Tax Relief offers free consultations and transcript analysis for all new clients!

We firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to dig yourself deeper into debt to get out of debt and that’s why we are happy to offer these free consultations to ease the minds of anyone in need of rush tax relief solutions or standard tax relief solutions. There’s no easier way to get started on your tax relief journey, whether it’s of immediate urgency, or you have time to spare, then by contacting a team of experienced tax relief specialists that are more than happy to provide a free, professional assessment of your current financial situation and tax relief options. 

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re considering whether you need rush tax relief solutions or not, it’s probably time to consider a professional opinion. To get started with your free consultation, visit the Bullseye Tax Relief homepage, give us a call at (844) 582-3323, or send us an email at

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