What is Tax Resolution?

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Hello and welcome to our newest blog series focused on everything you need to know about Tax Resolution. In our previous mini-series, we discussed Employment Tax and some of the things you may need to know regarding the taxes associated with having employees like payrolls taxes and unemployment. To learn more, get started here: Employment Tax: What is it?

For those interested in learning more about Tax Resolution, like some of the common problems and what your options are, you’re in the right place!

Tax Resolution: Common Problems

In our previous series, specifically in the blog post Employment Tax: Issues and Relief, we discuss some of the possible problems that might require tax resolution with regards to employment tax issues. The most common problems people have to deal with when it comes to employment tax are failure to issue the proper forms, failure to withhold and/or pay federal taxes and late employment tax payments.

While these issues specifically may not apply to you, the reasoning behind some of them may be the same as the issues you are faced with that need tax resolution assistance. These main issues are filing the wrong paperwork, failing to pay the right amount of taxes or making late payments. Many of these might seem like small mistakes or minor errors, but to the IRS, they can become a big deal. And if you let these issues pile up, or don’t address them quickly enough, they can turn into a huge headache for you or your business.

But don’t fear! Our Tax Resolution blog series is here to help! And the team of skilled and experienced Tax Resolution specialists at Bullseye Tax Relief are ready and available to assist with any of your tax-related needs. 

Tax Resolution Options

A growing debt of money owed to the IRS is enough to weigh down anyone, but there are options available to help pay down your outstanding funds without leaving a person crushed by the financial hardship indefinitely. After all, the IRS would rather get most or some of its money, rather than none at all. That’s why it’s so important to turn to a team of tax resolution specialists with decades of experience that are prepared to fight on your behalf. Because, while the IRS will settle for less than owed at times, they still want to get as much money as they can. 

In our next blog post, Tax Resolution: What are my Options?, we’ll discuss some of the options individuals and businesses have available to them to negotiate with the IRS. From Offer in Compromise and Currently Non-Collectible to Penalty Abatement, Install Agreements and the Partial Pay Installment Agreement, we’ll cover it all!

To start your journey towards a life free of increasing tax debt and growing worries, give our team of tax resolution specialists a call today at (844) 582-3323 or send us an email at info@bullseyedebtrelief.com.

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